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Indoor Air Quality

Keep Your South Florida Home’s Air
Fresh with Power Air’s IAQ Solutions

We offer quality indoor air quality products for residential and commercial properties, which help keep the air in your home and business fresh and clean!

Custom Air Filters

A quality filter will help keep your air clean and dust-free.

Duct Mounted Purifier

These duct-mounted units are installed directly in the air path and help purify every cubic inch of air that passes through the system.

Coil Mounted UV Light

These units mount to the supply and return side of the evaporator coil to help keep the evaporator microbial-free.

Our expert Cooling & Heating professionals will be able to review all the options and help you decide which form of Air Purification System is right for your home or business.

Here at Power Air Cooling & Heating, we understand that few things are more important than having the best possible indoor air quality. Our experience with air purifiers means that we’ll provide you with options that will help you in your quest to keep your home’s air clean and your family breathing easy.


Indoor Air Quality

Here at Power Air Cooling & Heating, we offer several different options for air purifiers that will increase the quality of your home or business’s air.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air in and around buildings and other structures, particularly as it relates to the health of the people in these buildings and their comfort.

If the indoor air quality of a facility isn’t high enough, the people who live and work in such a building can expect to experience both long- and short-term health issues. Short term issues can include eye, nose, and throat irritation, dizziness, and headaches as well as aggravated or worsened symptoms of respiratory issues like asthma.

What our customers say

  • Both of our experiences with Power Air have been great. They’re reliable & show up when they say they will, and they just get the job done. Both times our AC quit on us, they came in less then 24 hours, figured out the problem and had it fixed the next day. Truly excellent service & quality work as well.

    Aliza Friedman

  • Any time we ever have an issue with our A/C we always call Power Air. They are fast, efficient, economical, and will go the extra mile. Akiva is a pleasure to deal with. In fact, the other day we had a leak, and my husband quipped that he hoped it was an A/C problem because he knows it will be fixed quickly and correctly the first time around. Truly excellent customer service!

    Chaya Price

  • I have had the pleasure of using Power Air for years. Service is ALWAYS prompt, reliable, efficient and honest. They truly care about their customers and I would never call anyone else!

    Deborah Kane Rosenberg

  • I am a huge fan of power air! They are reliable, on time, and amazing at fixing my ACs. They are always able to figure out the problem and fix it in a timely manner. They are also the most reasonably priced ac company i have ever worked with. They don’t nickel and dime you and are very honest about what needs to be done.

    Emily Levine

  • Power Air is the most reliable, economical and friendly service. Whether it was a repair or replacing the whole unit, they are totally dedicated. They make sure you are absolutely 100% satisfied before wrapping it up. I will only use them for AC services and highly recommend them to others.

    Eva Goldglanz

  • I can’t thank Power Air Cooling & Heating enough! The service is second to none and we would be in pretty hot water without their timely and professional services. I strongly recommend Akiva and his entire team! Thank you

    Rabbi Zev Weiner

  • Akiva, the owner of power air, is an honest guy. He does good work and comes promptly. Also, very friendly.

    Steven Wolf

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